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Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal

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Chine JOPTEC LASER CO., LTD certifications
Chine JOPTEC LASER CO., LTD certifications
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When we purchased from JOPTEC for the first time, we realize it's a company that keeps their promises. Because of the high quality and reliability of these metal package we are well satisfied. JOPTEC's customer service team is always our friends in need. So we start a long term and strong partnership.

—— Andrew Garza

I wanna take the chance to thank the team of JOPTEC Laser, with their high quality products and after-sale service support. We believe that with our continuous efforts, we can win more customer credits and of course, a higher market share

—— Linda Kenny

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Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal

Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal
Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal

Image Grand :  Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal

Détails sur le produit:
Lieu d'origine: HEFEI, Chine
Nom de marque: JOPTEC
Conditions de paiement et expédition:
Quantité de commande min: PCs 1
Détails d'emballage: BOÎTES
Délai de livraison: 30 jours
Conditions de paiement: T/T
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 5000000 PCS/Month

Yttrium Orthovanadate 35mm Birefringent YVO4 Laser Crystal

description de
Matériel: YVO4 Diamètre: 25m maximum
Longueur: 35mm maximum Qualité extérieure: meilleur que 20/10 éraflure/fouille
Déviation de poutre: < 3="" arc="" min=""> Orientation d'axe optique: +/-0.2deg
planéité: <> Revêtement: R<0.2% @ ± nanomètre ou 1310nm 40 nanomètre de 1550 ou sur demande.

Yttrium Orthovanadate


YVO4 positive uniaxial crystal


transparent YVO4 Crystal


The Yttrium Orthovanadate (YVO4) is a positive uniaxial crystal grown with Czochralski method. It has good temperature stability and physical and mechanical properties. It is ideal for optical polarizing components because of its wide transparency range and large birefringence. It is an excellent synthetic substitute for Calcite (CaCO3) and Rutile (TiO2) crystals in many applications including fiber optic isolators and circulators, interleavers, beam displacers, Glan polarizers and other polarizing optics,etc



• Various size of bulk and finished high quality YVO4 crystals

Large quantity YVO4 wedges and displacers used for fiber optical isolators and circulators, interleavers, in size of 1.25x1.25x0.5mm3 to 3x3x15mm3 to meet OEM customer's requirement;

Quick delivery;
Very competitive price;
Strict quality control;
Technical support



Max 25m
Max 35mm
Surface Quality:
better than 20/10 scratch/dig
Beam Deviation:
< 3 arc min
Optical Axis Orientation:
<λ/4 @632.8nm
Wavefront Distortion:
<λ/2 @632.8nm
R<0.2% @ 1550 nm or 1310nm ± 40 nm or upon request.




Transmitting range
Crystal Symmetry
Zircon tetragonal, space group D4h
Crystal Cell
a=b=7.12 °, c=6.29 °
4.22 g/cm2
Hygroscopic Susceptibility
Mohs Hardness
5 glass like
Thermal Optical Coefficient
Δna /dT=8.5x10-6 /K; dnc /dT=3.0x10-6 /K
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient
||C: 5.23 w/m/k; ⊥C:5.10w/m/k
Crystal Class
Positive uniaxial with no=na=nb, ne=nc
Refractive Indices,
no=1.9929, ne=2.2154, △n=0.2225, ρ=6.04°, at 630nm
no=1.9500, ne=2.1554, △n=0.2054, ρ=5.72°, at 1300nm
and Walk-Off Angle at 45 deg(ρ)
no=1.9447, ne=2.1486, Dn=0.2039, ρ=5.69°, at 1550nm
Sellmeier Equation (λ in μm)
no2 =3.77834+0.069736/( λ2 -0.04724)-0.0108133 λ2
ne2 =4.5905+0.110534/( λ2 -0.04813)-0.0122676 λ2


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