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HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages

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Chine JOPTEC LASER CO., LTD certifications
Chine JOPTEC LASER CO., LTD certifications
Examens de client
When we purchased from JOPTEC for the first time, we realize it's a company that keeps their promises. Because of the high quality and reliability of these metal package we are well satisfied. JOPTEC's customer service team is always our friends in need. So we start a long term and strong partnership.

—— Andrew Garza

I wanna take the chance to thank the team of JOPTEC Laser, with their high quality products and after-sale service support. We believe that with our continuous efforts, we can win more customer credits and of course, a higher market share

—— Linda Kenny

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HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages

HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages
HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages

Image Grand :  HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages

Détails sur le produit:
Lieu d'origine: HEFEI, Chine
Nom de marque: JOPTEC
Conditions de paiement et expédition:
Quantité de commande min: 50 PCs
Détails d'emballage: BOÎTES
Délai de livraison: 30 jours
Conditions de paiement: T/T
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 5000000 PCS/Month

HlAgCu28 Smd Transistor Packages

description de
Modèle de produit: JT-TO base: Kovar
Pin: Kovar Verre: BH-A/K
Anneau de soudure: HlAgCu28 Pin2: Kovar
Résistance d'isolation: résistance de C.C 500V entre la goupille et la base simples ≥1*1010Ω Hermeticity: Taux de fuite : ≤1*10-3Pa.cm3/s

4pin Kovar à l'en-tête de capteur


Paquets du transistor HlAgCu28


HlAgCu28 hermétique aux en-têtes de paquets

Product Name TO package
Product Model JT-TO
Product Formation Material Quantity
1. Base Kovar 1
2. Pin Kovar 4
3. Glass insulator BH-A/K 4
4. Brazing ring HlAgCu28 1
5. Pin2 Kovar 1
Insulation Resistance 500V DC resistance between single pin and base ≥1*1010Ω
Hermeticity Leak rate: ≤1*10-3Pa.cm3/s.
Product Features 1. Fiber optic packages have different structures include optical port ;
2. The material of housing are different and are adopted by different features of packages.
3. The sections of pin are rectangular or cyclinder.
4. The pin cross bottom or sidewall whose rank accord to customers' needs
5. The sealing cap or lid method adopts proper technique according to structure of packages.
6. Finish could adopt fully plating or lead selective plating.


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Téléphone: 86-18655618388

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